No Planet B

Only a few will be invited to be servants for the Rich.

In 100 years, when 99% of Organic Life is extinct on Earth. The Rich, the 1% will live either in the deep oceans or deep within the Earth, the moon, Mars, Ceres, Titan, and other moons. It just won’t be on our beautiful Earth.

There is no guarantee that humans can live on other planets or moons. Threatening native microbes might kill us. We have lived on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. Each generation has endured Earth’s microbes and we as a species have adapted at great cost to human life.

10 years from the Tipping Point

We are 10 years from the Tipping Point. The point of No Return from Climate Warming.

Game Over in 100 years

The human race is on the cusp of either taking more strategic steps towards a world with less fossil fuels, less plastic, no deforestation where No Tree Was Harmed by protecting the Tree of Life that provides shelter, food, stores carbon, creates oxygen, and helps increase rainfall and eventually a Better World or it’s Game Over for 99% of organic life on the surface of planet Earth in 100 years.