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Plastic, in all forms… Straws, Bottles, Packaging, Bags, etc. are all choking our planet…
We must find ways to reduce and eventually eliminate single-use plastic products.

Your participation will be more essential than ever for without collaboration we will never make the strides of progress towards a Better World.

To contact us online and join in on the fun, please complete this form below. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible and reach out to you about your Call to Action.

To join in on creating Better World, complete this form below. We need you to tell us about your Call to Action = Will you commit to carry a reusable shopping bag and will you read about and tell us what you going to do to save Our Oceans, Birds, and Marine Life?

More importantly we need you to print our Free Face Mask and make a Pledge to get 3 or more of your friends to visit Reduce Plastic Movement.ORG so they can learn that reaching the Tipping Point of No Return can be only changed in the present. We only have 7 years to change the course of the humankind’s demise and we are 10 plus years from the Tipping Point of No Return – Game Over in 100 Years!


β€œDon’t wait until the later years of your life to realize that you could’ve been an integral part of the impetus of change that could have indeed changed the world.”

β€” Brian Michael Good


We do not accept donations. We only want your participation.
Plastic Pollution Facts
44% of Seabirds, 43% of Ocean Mammals, and 86% of Sea Turtles eat or become tangled in this made man material made from oil we call plastic.


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