Call To Action

Blah! Blah! Blah! = Lie! Lie! Lie!

Greta Thunberg speech at Youth4Climate event

“Don’t wait until the later years of your life to realize that you could’ve been an integral part of the impetus of change that could have indeed changed the world.”

— Brian Michael Good

Big business controls Politicians with millions of dollars of donations to their campaigns, and to some extend Social Media with their big business advertising campaigns.

Nearly all countries in the Paris Agreement have met only 50% of their commitments so far. The money committed to helping poor countries with their climate change inititives has not to be allocated yet.

Australia, Brazil, China, India, and Saudi Arabia will bring the world to its knees since their “by 2060” net zero emissions Initiatives are so far in the future. Most countries time table for zero-emissions will never be met.

China and India are going to increase their emissions and their number of coal plants over the next ten years. Australia will increase coal mining and exports. Brazil will continue to burn the Amazon. Saudi Arabia (Oil Exporter) and the other Oil companies will increase their amount carbon emissions they release when the oil is captured (gas is released). The sale of fossil fuels will increase for as long as we allow them. The cost of new plastic containers (made from oil) cost 80% less than the cost of recycled plastic containers.

We must stop buying products or raw materials sourced from these countries. I know this will take a couple of years for companies to implement. As Eco-Conscious consumers, we should know the supply chain of the products we buy.

You have choices. Do nothing and the increased climate change will affect you, your children and your society in ways you have never imagined.

If climate change matters to you. Discover the many links in the chain reaction that is causing the climate to speed up. Study the eco-words and discover your passion. You want to become a link in chain. Only connected links can make change. You need to connect with other people in your community. Kindly share the website on your Social Media. Take Action! Motivate 3 of your friends to visit Balance of Nature.

The future; a Better World with “Capitalism with Social Responsibility” can only be changed in the present.

Your participation will be more essential than ever for without collaboration we will never make the strides of progress towards a Better World.

Free will, a human’s greatest gift after life itself comes with a price. The Creator will not save you. The human race (women) must save themselves. You may be the missing link that is the difference between a Lifeless World or a Better World.

We do not accept donations. We only want your participation.